AV Organic India ( Pvt.) Ltd.

We are leading grower , Manufacturer and Exporter of Agro commodities and Chemicals in Organic and conventional segment. We are exporting our products in 13 countries. AV Organic (India) Pvt. Ltd has launched its FMCG Division in India and abroad, to augments our strong presence of Quality Products of Food and Agro based for all the people worldwide. We are here committed to establish our brand presence in FMCG Products Worldwide. AV Organic (India) Pvt. Ltd enjoys the unchallenged faith of our Agents, Distributors and foremost the faith of customers since we have been receiving constant requirements of FMCG products from the existing associates. AV Organic (India) Pvt. Ltd is already exporting its Food and Agro based Products to countries like US, European Union, Canada, Switzerland, Australia, New Zealand, Asian countries, Middle East, South Africa and other countries as of now and we are constantly working towards the further expansion and development in wide spectrum by our committed Professionals not just in International Market but in domestic too along with undue given co-operation towards our companies Quality Products and same is also the backbone of our all endeavours. We are doing farming and exporting Organic Major products like Cotton, Oil Seeds, Basmati rice, Pulses, Spices, Tea, Coffee, Dry fruits, Cereals & Millets other than Basmati ,Processed food, Sugar , Organic Oils, Lentils and organic fertilizers, organic Chemicals, organic Pesticides & Enzymes. We are also dealing in conventional agro products. The group is actively involved in farming and production of Organic Product Since 1985 in Belgium, and Scotland. We have offices in Belgium, Scotland, Abu Dhabi, UK and India Therefore, we are actively looking for dedicated importers, Distributors etc., with Distribution and marketing skills from all over world for FMCG Products and if your company deals in any such Products, kindly have a look on our products and the required products inquiry can be can sent to us on our e-mail avorganicindia@gmail.com For further development of business opportunities with Us. Kindly let us know the products required in your country / region and the market Conditions so that we can constantly improve our production and supply to cater this huge market. Further we would like to take this opportunity to invite visitors from all over the world for the purpose of exploring Indian market which is full of opportunities wide range of products with surprising prices. We are keen to help the agro firms all over the world by giving them good deals Kindly send your Profile details, terms for association, Products required etc., to Establish a long and fruitful business association mutual financial benefit of both the Companies. We are the most able and competitive players in Indian-Subcontinent as our farming network spreads all across India and our long term agreements with farmers have enabled us to provide consistent quality, supplies and goodwill by following Fair-Trade practices resulting in sustainable living for the farmer and their families. If you have any queries, you are free to call or write to us at: - avorganicindia@gmail.com .

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